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1 introduce or insert (oneself) in a subtle manner; "He insinuated himself into the conversation of the people at the nearby table"
2 give to understand; "I insinuated that I did not like his wife" [syn: intimate, adumbrate]

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From insinuo


  • /ɪnˈsɪnjueɪt/, /In"sInjueIt/


  1. Make a way for or introduce something by subtle, crafty or artful means.
    • 1995, Terry Pratchett, Maskerade, p. 242
      Nanny didn't so much enter places as insinuate herself; she had unconsciously taken a natural talent for liking people and developed it into an occult science.
  2. To creep, wind, or flow into.
  3. To enter gently, slowly, or imperceptibly, as into crevices.
    The water insinuated itself into the rock. It became ice, which expanded and cracked large fragments off of the hard stone.
  4. To ingratiate oneself; to obtain access or favor by flattery or cunning.
  5. To hint at (something); to suggest or express an idea indirectly.
    She insinuated that her friends had betrayed her.


(Make a way for or introduce something by subtle, crafty or artful means.): imply


make way for by subtle means
creep or wind into
enter gently or imperceptibly
ingratiate oneself
hint at (something)



  1. Form of Second-person plural present tense, insinuare
  2. Form of Second-person plural imperative, insinuare#Italian|insinuare

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An innuendo is a figure of speech which indicates an indirect or subtle, usually derogatory implication in expression; an insinuation.
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Synonyms, Antonyms and Related Words

accuse, adumbrate, allege, allegorize, allude to, arraign, article, ascribe, assume, barge in, book, break in, break in upon, bring accusation, bring charges, bring to book, bring to mind, burst in, butt in, charge, charge in, cite, come between, complain, connote, convey, crash, crash in, crash the gates, creep in, crowd in, cut in, denounce, denunciate, drag in, drop a hint, ease in, edge in, elbow in, encroach, entail, entrench, fasten on, fasten upon, fill in, finger, foist, foist in, fudge in, give a hint, give the cue, glance at, hang something on, hint, hint at, horn in, impeach, impinge, implant in, implicate, imply, import, impose, impose on, impose upon, impute, indicate, indict, infer, infiltrate, inform against, inform on, infringe, infuse, inject, inject in, inoculate, insert, insert in, insinuate in, intercalate, interfere, interjaculate, interject, interlope, interpolate, interpose, intervene, intimate, introduce, introduce in, intromit, intrude, invade, involve, irrupt, lay charges, lodge a complaint, lodge a plaint, lug in, mean, mean to say, obtrude, perfuse, pin on, point indirectly to, pop in, prefer charges, press charges, press in, presume, presuppose, prompt, push in, put between, put in, put on, put on report, put upon, report, reproach, run in, rush in, sandwich, set in, signify, slink in, slip in, smash in, smuggle in, sneak in, squeeze in, steal in, stick in, storm in, suggest, suppose, take for granted, take to task, task, taunt with, tax, throng in, throw in, thrust in, trench, trespass, tuck in, twit, wedge in, whip in, whisper, work in, worm, worm in
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